L'Arcane... The Hidden Mystery of Burgundy



After teaching and traveling abroad for many years, your hosts France and Jean Pierre Jouvin settled in Burgundy, choosing to live in a place history has long since shown to be a crossroad for Europe. They spent so many years enjoying other cultures and countries, that it inspired them to open a Bed & Breakfast, thus, inviting others to experience the hospitality of Burgundy.

And it worked!!! The house was bought 16 years ago, and was a labor of love for 7 years before it was deemed, by the Jouvins, ready for guests! Ever the perfectionists, they have never stopped making improvements, and it paid off, with the French Tourist Office giving them a third "Epis" rating for "Luxury Accommodations" in the fall of 2003. "Epis" are the standard rating of all Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfasts in France. Click here for more information.
Jean Pierre and France are interested in nature, music, languages, hermetic art, and philosophy and are happy to share with their guests! Your visit is sure to be an interesting one! Close to the wine route, the local area is an explosion of culinary experiences, vineyards and rich in history.


Click here to read about the naming of the Bed & Breakfast and of the rooms.





Rue du Meix Vallot
71240 La Chapelle de Bragny
+33 3 8592 2531

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