L'Arcane... The Hidden Mystery of Burgundy

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Queen-size bed
Reading Nook (complete with Asterix and Tintin comic books collection)
Stairway from kitchen to mezzanine
Bathroom at the bottom of the stairs

If you are fit and enjoy a birds eye view - this room is for you! From the skylight in the room you can see the garden and the local vineyards as far as the eye can see.


The Naming of the Room:
The rooms were named after Tarot cards: The Lovers, Number 6, Sixth Arcana. UNION

The Lovers are the seekers of the Arcanum. They are free to make a choice: to remain in the profane world or engage in the Quest. Hermes is seen on the pillar, in the middle. He symbolizes the "Union of Opposites" sealed by the joined hands, one male, and one female. The "Union of Opposites" is a prerequisite to enter the "Hermetic Path".

Tarot  - Lover





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