L'Arcane... The Hidden Mystery of Burgundy


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The Jouvin's chose the name for their home and Bed &Breakfast because it is in this place that they found the peace and the time necessary to calm their spirits and for Jean-Pierre to do the research required to get his PhD in philosophy on Alchemy. The name of this Bed &Breakfast - L'Arcane - comes from the Tarot and signifies: "The Hidden Mystery".

The word L'Arcane came into use in the French language in the 15th century thanks to a influx of Middle Eastern influences and interests including Alchemy. "Arcane" is derived from the Latin word "Arcanum" meaning "secret" and the Arabic word, "al-henna" meaning Henné.

Staying in the spirit of the Tarot - the rooms have been given the names of some of the cards instead of a number and here are the basic Tarot meanings.


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